The 2nd International Indigenous Hip Hop Gathering
Music, Vision, Unity, Tradition
Ford Amphitheatre
2580 Cahuenga Blvd. East, Hollywood, CA 90039
3pm workshops / 5pm to 11pm show
$25 General / $18 Youth - Tickets: www.fordtheatres.org 323.461.3673
presented in collaboration with Los Angeles Indigenous Peoples Alliance & Tia Chucha's Centro Cultural

On Sept 14th, 2008 the Condor & Eagle Alliance in conjunction with Los Angeles Indigenous Peoples Alliance (LAIPA) bring you "The 2nd International Indigenous Hip Hop Gathering" featuring artists from throughout the western hemisphere.

The moment Hip Hop was born it became a global phenomena and it permeated every barrio, reservation, community, favela, legua, and city. Hip Hop artists became street corner reporters, informing the world the happenings of the poor, the unwanted, and the forgotten. Today these artists with an indigenous identity & thought continue that tradition by reporting through rhymes that story of their people.

This September the "International Indigenous Hip Hop Gathering" brings together the 4 elements of Hip Hop from all 4 directions. The event will feature traditional dance, both Southern (Azteca) & Northern Native, DJ's and a live graff art expo.

with performances by:
Los Nativos (Xicano - Minnesota)
Kinto Sol (Mexica - Milwaukee)
Culture Shock Camp feat: Quese IMC & DJ Shock B (Pawnee/Seminole)
El Vuh (Mexica/Chumash/Pinoy)
Buggin' Malone (Onieda/Potawatomi)
Rebel Diaz (Chile/Mapuche & Puerto Rico/Taino - NYC)
Audiopharmacy (Pomo/African - World Music)
Akil Ammar (Mexico City)
Magisterio (Mexico City)
Skool77 (Guadalajara - MX)
Antithesis (Kansas - Bay Area, CA)
Pedromo (Peru/Quechua)
Yaiva (Dine/Hopi)
The Prophecy (El Salvador/Maya-Pipil)

DJing by:
DJ Shock B
DJ Ethos

hosted by:
Tolteka & Cihuatl-Ce

workshops by:
Apache Skateboards "Starting your own business with cultural traditions"
Olmeca "Art is our Weapon"
Willow Jack Abrahamson "Indigenous Struggles"
Ximbo of Magisterio "Girls Can't Rap"

art by:
Vyal (Yaqui)
Bunky Echo-Hawk (Pawnee/Yakama)

dance by:
Socal Intertribal Bird Singers
Marisol Crisostomo-Romo
Danza Mexicayotl

vending by:
Insurgentes www.nsrgnts.com
De La Luna Designs www.delalunadesigns.com
Rage.One www.rageoneart.com
Itzpapalotl www.myspace.com/laboos
Yerberia Mayahuel www.myspace.com/yerberiamayahuel
Araceli Silva www.aracelisilva.com
Apache Skateboards www.apacheskateboards.com
Tanka Bar www.myspace.com/tankabar
Uneek System Clothing www.myspace.com/uneeksystem
more vendors to be announced

ticket outlets announced this week